April 15, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

HAPPY EASTER to everyone!

Well, the rain is gone and we have been having beautiful weather here in Pismo Beach.  Just finished up with all things medical yesterday, except that Jerry still needs to get his temporary cap on his tooth replaced next week.  Then we are finished!  Glad to report that all is great with both of us and we should be able to continue this life style for many many years.  We certainly don't want or need any health or medical issues, and we feel for the people who have them at even younger ages than we are at.

For instance, we went to a fundraiser function in Cambria last weekend to support our friend, Wendy, who is undergoing chemo and was too weak to attend the function.  Wendy is a real estate agent who worked for us just a few years ago.  She is just one of the many friends and relatives we know who are battling cancer and they are all in our prayers.

On a lighter side -- this is what we found when we got home last week.  Seems as if Chanti now knows how to open the door to our trash.

We were able to attend the Crosby and Nash concert in San Luis Obispo last week.  What a great event.  They started at 7:30, took at break at 9:00 and then sang until 11:15 p.m.  Very very talented men.

Was able to see the Vandenberg missile launch last night at 9:26 p.m. from the beach.  We both set up with our cameras to capture the event -- but, it is difficult trying to take pictures at night.

Been doing a lot of walking, and going to the beach to see the sun set.

Not the greatest sunset picture -- just the latest one we took.  The sun is gradually moving north and will probably set behind the hills in a week or two.

Other people enjoying the sunset.

Pismo Beach pier taken from the north side of the pier with cell phone.

We will be driving to LA next weekend to get together with the kids and grandkids for Easter -- and participate in the annual Shea Easter egg bopping tradition.  For those of you who do not know what this is about, two people with hard boiled eggs face off, each with one egg.  The two competitors try to break the other person's egg.  When the eggs are bopped together, only one usually cracks.  The person with the cracked egg is eliminated from the competition.  Everyone participates, even the very youngest child.  The winners from the first round face off until everyone is eliminated except for the last two who have not yet been eliminated.  They face off and there is one winner.  Here are a couple of pictures taken in the mid-70s.

Susan -- the winner that year!

Frank (Jerry's dad) and Kheria, with Shannon in the background.

After going south for Easter (driving the van), we will be heading north in a little over a week from now and will be spending the summer mostly in Oregon.

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