April 30, 2011

Isleton, CA

We are updating this blog today even though we just posted an entry two days ago.  Why?  Because the last blog got messed up somehow.  In our last blog, we discussed our stay in San Francisco, but the blog software put the entry underneath our previous blog from Avila Beach.  We were so excited to be working with 4G in San Francisco.  Everything was moving so fast that something along the way went wrong.  Rather than deal with it and probably really mess it up, just scroll down past the Avila Beach pictures to get to the San Francisco entry. 

Right now we are staying at the Delta Shores Vista Resort and Marina.  Got here yesterday.  Winds are at 18 miles per hour and gusting up to 26 miles per hour.  Our coach is rocking a bit ever since we arrived.  The temperature is 62.

Parked at Delta Shores in Isleton, CA

This morning we had a great pancake, eggs, sausage, and bacon breakfast at the club house for just $5 each.  They also have a jacuzzi here that we will use once the wind dies down.  We will be here for a week.

Let's see what happens when I post this one.


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