April 24, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

Well, we leave Pismo Beach tomorrow and may not be back here for the rest of this year.   But, first, here are some of the events of the last week or so.

First of all, last Sunday (April 17), Pat and Bill joined us for dinner here on the coach.  While we were sitting outside before Jerry had the meal fully prepared (ribs on the grill), a lone RVer, Mario, with a rental RV drove up and parked right next to our spot.  We got to talking with him and asked him to join us for dinner.  We had the most interesting evening.  He flew to Miami from Germany, drove a motorcycle across the lower half of the USA, rented an RV in San Diego and drove to Pismo Beach.  We was on his way to San Francisco to pick up his wife who would be flying in from Germany two days later.  Here's his job in Germany: he is an air traffic controller.  After his wife arrives, they will take another 6 weeks traveling across the top of the states and flying out of New York to go back to Germany.  We all exchanged Facebook info and when Pat became a friend of his on Facebook, she was surprised to see that it was all in German.  But, the pictures show his trip.

 Pat and Bill with Mario (from Germany)

Then, on Wednesday (April 20), Jerry spoke to the Pismo Beach Tri Cities Chamber of Commerce.  He had a great time speaking to business owners.  And, the next day, he spoke to the Arroyo Grande Kiwanis Club.  He's a speaker and he loves it.

Yesterday (April 23) we drove to LA to spend time with the kids and grandchildren for Easter.  There was the egg hunt for the little and big ones, honey baked ham and lots of food, and the traditional egg bopping contest.  The contest is always a competitive loud affair. This year's winner is James (age 7) who beat his dad.  Too bad, Tom, who announced that this year there would be no cheating, and then goes ahead and claims he had picked number 1 (meaning he would go first), when he actually had number 5.  (It came to light when it was number 5's turn and no one came forward.)

After the egg hunt -- Brenna and James (front), Erin, Samantha, Christian, and Natalie (second row), and Sara (top)

Selecting the right egg is the first crucial step. (Erin)

Punching your opponent is against the rules. (Erin and Tom)

As is covering your whole egg with your hand.  (Christian and Shan)

Jerry presents the trophy, an egg agate that travels to the winner's house for the year, 
to James -- the 2011 winner.

Tomorrow, Jerry has an appointment to get the transmission checked on the coach, as we leave Pismo Beach and make our way north.

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