April 28, 2011

San Francisco, CA

We have 4G speed with our new Samsung device, so we'll update this blog today.  The internet is lightning fast when it works!  Problem is -- it is not constant.  But, San Francisco has 4G, so we are happy campers for now.

After leaving Pismo Beach, we spent one night in Avila Beach (where AARP took our pictures last year).  Weather was great.

Parked at Avila Beach, CA

Avila Beach

Sea Lion in Ocean

Jerry and Chanti walking the pier

Wider view - RV in background

Chanti running on the beach

Chanti on beach after sunset


We are uploading lots of pictures because it is taking less than 5 seconds to upload a picture with the 4G.  Loving it!

Then, on Tuesday, after getting the generator serviced and stopping to see Bill in the hospital after his surgery, and visited with Pat, we made our way to Scots Valley to see Greg and his kids.  It is always a challenge getting into his place as he is up in the hills about 68 miles south of San Francisco.  Had a nice evening with Greg and Jerry will be making his next pork loin the way Greg made his that he served us that night.  It was sooooo good.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of him and the kids because we thought we would be at his place for longer than we were.  Instead, we left his place and drove to San Francisco yesterday.

Found an RV park located right next to Candlestick Park.  We are staying here for two days, leaving tomorrow.  But, yesterday, Jerry drove me into downtown San Francisco to spend the afternoon with my really good friend, Jenny.  Only had my cell phone with me, so didn't get the best pictures that I could have if I had my camera.  Didn't matter -- we had a great time catching up.

Here we are today parked across the street from Candlestick Park

Taken from the window of Jenny's office area on the 19th floor of Steuart Tower

Jenny and I walked the city and talked, talked and talked.  Jerry joined us in the evening for dinner.  Jenny took us to Petroni's -- a great Italian restaurant and a very busy one for a Wednesday night.  

The lighting didn't help -- but here we are at the restaurant -- Jenny and me.

I had the halibut which was delicious!

Then, this morning, Jerry found a walkway along the ocean.  Here are pictures I took when Chanti and I went on the two mile walk.  These are taken with the cell phone, too.

Pathway along the ocean

Fishermen on pier along the path

Who would have thought that we would be parked so close to the ocean!

We are going to be soooo spoiled when we leave San Francisco and have to go back to 3G!

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