March 24, 2011

Pismo Beach, California

Hi Everyone,

Not much to report.  We have been busy getting our annual medical exams and tests.  Jerry was suppose to have a colonoscopy today.  But, right after he ate a lunch yesterday, he read his paperwork concerning the test.  Lo and behold!  He was not suppose to eat anything on the day before the test!  In all fairness, he called the doctor's office and they postponed the test until next week.

As with most of California, we are experiencing the rain -- one storm after another.  And, tonight, we are going to get hit again.

The State Park next to our RV park is still flooded.  Their website shows that the park is not taking reservations until May.  Here are some pictures (taken with the cell phone) we were able to get on one of the days we had with a break in the rain.

Sign on entrance to the State Park

Stop sign that was on a road in the park

Biking through the park on Tuesday

Jerry is putting on an Effective Listening Seminar on Saturday at the Rabobank community room from 10-12 a.m.  You Cambria folks with nothing to do, come on down.  You might have fun.

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