February 27, 2011

Soledad Canyon in Acton, CA

Spent the week in this Resorts of Distinction park, another huge RV park, in Soledad Canyon.  This is the entry way into the park.
This is the driveway into the Soledad Canyon Park

Parked in the center of the foothills

And snow on the mountains on one side of the park

Within the park, a road has been washed out.  So to get from one side to another, you have to drive about a mile on the main road.

Jerry and Chanti in the washout - see how deep it is

Snow  on the mountains before the storm came through

We were planning on driving into the San Fernando Valley (about 35 minutes away from here) on Friday to spend Jerry's birthday (Feb. 25) with old friends, Bob and Nancy.  But, unfortunately, we had to cancel because of the storm that came through here on Friday and Saturday.

The storm is coming in

What the park looked like from our window on Saturday

After the storm, more snow on the mountains

Tomorrow (Monday), we plan on going to the Reagan Museum and spending the day there.  Am really looking forward to it.  Then, on Tuesday, we head back to Pismo Beach, but will stop by Bob and Nancy's place at lunch time on our way.  We were going to spend a couple of days at Ventura Beach, one of our favorite hang-outs, but the uncertainty of the timing of the storm changed that.  We expect to spend 6 or 7 weeks in Pismo Beach, so we will not be updating this blog that often.  For us, it is our time to get all of our doctor appointments in, our taxes done, and catch up on things in general.

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Patricia said...

Well you have now experienced the winter snow, hope all held up well with the RV. I love following along with you on your wonderful journey in life and look forward to seeing you soon in Pismo.