February 20, 2011

Lytle Creek Mountain Lakes Park

Jerry got a taste of his wish.  He wants to spend a whole winter in the snow just to experience it.  It snowed last night here at Lytle Creek Mountain Lakes Park.  Took this video out of the driver's side window of the RV.

This morning, we took a few more pictures before leaving here today.

Chanti is a bit confused!

View of the park

RV and Tahoe in snow

Same picture as earlier in the week, but with snow

For you Minnesota and North Dakota relatives, Jerry removing snow from roof, too.

We will be leaving here in the next 30 minutes.  It should be a pretty view going to the next place, Solidad Canyon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi you two!
What a small world. I left Mountain Lakes on Friday after listening to the weather report over and over. I was disappointed as my week of solitude was cut short anticipating the "Winter Storm".I was by myself so thought it better to leave early and come back later in the spring (before school gets out). I was looking on the computer to see how much snow ML actually received and saw your blog. I remember passing you both on the south side of the Trout Lake when I was out on one of my daily walks-Thursday, I think. You are now "bookmarked" so I'll be waiting to hear of your next adventure. Save travels!
Sheila P.