February 14, 2011

Lytle Creek, California

I'm updating the blog at the front end of our stay here in Lytle Creek for a couple of reasons.  First, it is a sunny day today, but tomorrow it is suppose to be cloudy, and then rain is scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday.  So, it is the best day to take some pictures of this place today.  Secondly, the internet is fast here, but usually slows down for us when it is raining.  So here goes.

We traveled only 70 miles yesterday to get to the Mountain Lakes Camping Ground here in Lytle Creek, California.  This is another Resorts of Distinction, but half the size of the last one we were in.  This one is in the San Bernardino mountains off of the I-15.  It is also up a mountain (3,200 feet) and is in a peaceful setting.  There are three very small lakes here but they look more like ponds.  In fact, for an $11 fishing license, we can fish for trout, which Jerry might do one day this week for our dinner (assuming he will catch the fish).

Parked at the Mountain Lakes park in Lytle Creek, California

It's a good thing that we are here in the off season, as this is definitely a "family" resort.  Lots of kids yesterday, but they and their parents are gone today.  Lots of things for kids to do here.

One of the "ponds" at the park.

Benches placed near the "ponds" for people to sit and meditate.

Part of the park setting.

We leave here on Sunday.  So, unless we feel we should update the blog before then, we probably won't write anything until we get to the next place.  


Sandybee said...

I can't remember how I found your site. I followed a link from another blog a few days ago. Anyway, I live in San Diego about 5 miles from the Sweetwater Summit Campground and had no idea it was there. So, today my husband and I decided to check it out. I was flabbergasted when the ranger told us that the park has been there for over 20 years! And for all those 20 years, I have been living within 5 miles of that beautiful park & campground and didn't know it. I had heard of the plans to build it back in 1979, but thought they never came to fruition as there hasn't been much publicity about it. Well, thanks to your blog I know about it now. And, we have a new place to go walking as well as a great campground we can recommend to friends. Thank You!

Jerry and Mary said...

SandyBee - thanks for writing us about our Sweetwater County Park blog entry. We like to hear that our blog entries are of benefit to others. We will definitely go back there in the future. You are lucky to live so close to it that you can walk around the area.

Anonymous said...

I did some ranch work here back in 2007. A fantastic place to visit, and a bit of a secret.