January 31, 2013

New Orleans, Louisiana

We are staying at the Jude Travel Park of New Orleans which is about 5 miles from downtown New Orleans. There is another RV park that is right down town, but it is charging $199 a night, or $799 for 5 days, just so one could be closer to the activities.

So much going on here in New Orleans this week. First, there is the Mardi Gras celebration that goes on throughout lent. Then, there are all the Superbowl activities taking place before Sunday's game. (Mardi Gras is temporarily put on hold for Superbowl week.) With so much happening, the police are out in force. They are everywhere.

Since we arrived here last Tuesday, we've had a chance to see some of the Mardi Gras partying.

 Lots of these guys around.

King Cake is a tradition. (They don't put the baby Jesus
inside of the cake anymore for liability reasons.)

Lots of Mardi Gras items sold in countless
small stores throughout downtown New Orleans.

The French Quarters

Lots of Jazz musicians playing their music 
in the narrow streets of the French Quarters.

Young party people on the balconies.

When the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) learned that we, as members, were attending the activities this week, it arranged for the local ABC affiliate television station representative to come out to the RV park to interview Jerry for a piece that will show on television later this week. 

Jerry and Blaire after the interview for WGNO-TV in New Orleans.

Jerry also is volunteering for two days at the NFL Experience which takes place each day from Wednesday through Saturday. As a result, he was given two free tickets to the NFL Experience. We took advantage of this and attended the NFL Experience yesterday at the Convention Center.

These are life size statutes of all the teams 
on a display at the NFL Experience.

We saw various Superbowl Rings in a locked display.

We also saw the Heisman Trophy on display and other memorabilia of interest to football fans. I wanted to get at least one autograph from a football player -- and I did. 

Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints 
signing autographs.

While others were handing Drew Brees footballs,
jerseys, and helmets to sign, we handed him
a page out of the notebook that Jerry 
carries with him at all times. (We think
that he signed DB 9, his number.)

Took this picture of the Superdome (where the game will be played 
on Sunday) from an upper level of a parking
structure while waiting for Jerry to pick up
his volunteer jacket, t-shirt and cap. He had to go
through Homeland Security procedures in order
to become a volunteer.

The Superdome taken as we were driving past it.

We also took some time to visit the local cemetery.

The Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.

Just look at these huge above ground graves
in this old cemetery.

Flowers on the graves.

Other graves are stacked on top of each other.

One other site we visited yesterday was The River Walk along the Mississippi. 

Barges and boats on the Mississippi River.

Inside The River Walk

We are staying here in New Orleans until next Wednesday and plan to update this blog one more time  before we leave here. 

Have a great weekend, everyone.
GO 49ers!!!

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