January 22, 2013

Lillian and Foley, Alabama

Stayed at the Pensacola KOA in Alabama for a couple of nights. Actually, it was really nice as it is right on a bay. We love water! The host made it a point to tell Jerry that they really have good fishing right off of the pier. Jerry said: "Do I need a license?" The host said: "Let's put it this way. We haven't seen the Fish and Game Warden around here in 25 years." For the record, Jerry didn't go fishing.

Jerry and Chanti on a bench on the pier
at the Pensacola KOA in Alabama.

Sand designs on the beach.

Looking back towards the campground.

The bay at the Pensacola KOA.

Taken the following night as the sun set.


On Sunday, we checked out the beach area around here. There are some spectacular condo buildings along the coast here in Alabama.

Take this one, for example.

Same set of buildings showing the beach and water.

We know that we are in the south when the Starbucks employees refer to us as "Miss Mary" and "Mr. Jerry." Starbucks has a new program. If you bring back your old cup for your new drink, they will give you ten cents off the drink. Se when Jerry turned in our old cups, the employee threw them in the trash, gave him new cups, and still gave him the discount. Go figure!

Sign in front of the Blue Angel Baptist Church.
Just thought it was funny.

We are currently at the Bella Terra RV Resort not far from Mobile, Alabama. This is a first class resort. Jerry has been following its growth since it opened a few years ago. The promo video on the web shows the guy standing in front of the Gulf and telling people to come on down and check them out. Only problem is -- it is located over 6 miles from the beach. Very clean and quiet, though.

Parked at Bella Terra RV Resort.
That palm tree just toppled over!

The pool area at Bella Terra.

Another view of the pool area.

So today we took a ride to the beach area. Again, there were many condos along the coast. And, because of the hurricanes that blow through this area, the houses are built on stilts.

The bay is at the end of this row of houses.

It has been cold here for the four days that we've been in Alabama, getting down to 43 at night and 65 during the day. Had to pull out my boots.

We head on over to New Orleans tomorrow (about 150 miles from here) and will be there for two weeks. Keep doing what you enjoy most.

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