February 5, 2013

New Orleans, Louisiana

Congratulations to the Ravens, though we were disappointed that the 49ers didn't win. Good game none the less!

We are still in New Orleans at the Jude Travel RV Park which was filled for the weekend. The park half emptied out since Sunday, but has now filled up again. Guess these new guests are here to celebrate the last week of Mardi Gras. We will be pulling out of here tomorrow morning, too.

For those who haven't seen the clip that was shown on national television last week, here is a link: (you may have to copy it and paste it into your browser)


Not much more to report. We had tickets to go on the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler last night for an evening of jazz music and buffet dinner, while cruising the Mississippi River. Was really looking forward to the evening -- but the rain cancelled the event.

We took a ride around New Orleans to check out the devastation caused by Katrina in 2005. Lots of areas still look pretty bad, but others are on their way to recovery. Here are a few pictures that we took.

Off to Mississippi tomorrow. Have a great week, everyone.

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