January 3, 2013

Florida City, Florida

HAPPY 2013

Our first blog of the new year! And, this is the beginning of the second half of our 2-year East Coast trip. We've been in Florida City for the week and celebrated New Year's Eve here in our own quiet way -- watching (on television) the ball drop in New York City. It's always nice to begin a new year with all of its hopes for a better world in which we live. May we all do our part to make it that way.

Well -- this is a blog about alligators and the Florida Everglades where they reside. We took a day to visit the Everglades National Park here in Southern Florida. There is so much to learn about the ecosystem supporting all of the different species of reptiles and birds that live here, and most importantly, the need for water to maintain the ongoing Everglades. 

But, for us, we just wanted to see the alligators. And, we did big time! Here are the pictures that we took.

Hundreds of feet of walkways built
to view the alligators and other wildlife.

Everyone had their cameras out.

Look at those teeth!

Check out the green eye on this guy.
Almost looks fake, like one of Bob's
carved ducks.

Look at the markings on this Anhinga.


Vulcher (they had tarps at the Park to
put over your car as these guys can
tear off the rubber around your windows)

Yesterday, Jerry went to check out the Alligator Farm because he had his heart set on riding on an air boat through the Everglades. Me -- not so much. So, he went alone. Here is his video of that experience, plus a few other clips from the Everglades National Park.

Tomorrow we travel to Naples, Florida, about 150 miles up the coast on the Gulf side, where we will be visiting with Jerry's cousin, Steve, and his wife, Vivian. The weather report shows rain, something we haven't seen for a couple of week.


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