November 19, 2012

Fort Mills, South Carolina

We have been at the Fort Mills KOA in South Carolina since Thursday, November 15. This KOA park is about 10 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina. Our primary reason for coming to this area was to visit Marlene and Paul. Jerry has known Marlene since she was 18 years old. I won't say how many years ago that was out of respect for the parties involved.

On Friday and Saturday, we drove around Charlotte to see why Charlotte is rated the number one city in the America. I told Jerry that the curved streets and city hills certainly help to make it a beautiful place, but I'm sure that it received the distinction for other reasons, too.

On Sunday, the plan was for Marlene to purchase the rack of lamb (thank you, Marlene) and for Jerry to  prepare the meal for them at their house. Marlene invited her daughter, Bree, and husband, Chris, to join us. Jerry cherishes the times he can cook for others since he is getting a little bored just cooking for me, especially since I am now a vegan and he is not. In addition to the rack of lamb (made with goat's cheese), he made oven roasted potatoes, and cream corn. Marlene made the desserts -- delicious lemon tarts, cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies. I brought my own meal and filled up on the desserts.

 Jerry, the chef

Paul and Marlene

Chris and Bree

Today, we thought we would try to catch some of the sites in and around Charlotte before we leave this area. Top on our list was the Charlotte Museum of History. Oh no! Luckily, we called ahead only to find out that it is undergoing renovation and won't be open for a few months.  We tried to visit another site, but couldn't get in to that one either. Well, let's try the President James K. Polk State Historical Site. What? It's closed on Mondays.

Marlene had suggested that we visit the Billy Graham Museum and we found that it was open. (Lavern, you have got to visit this place the next time you come to Charlotte.) The house is the original Billy Graham residence that was moved to this location from a mile away, after having been moved on at least one prior occasion. The docent told us that it was taken apart "brick by brick and board by board -- numbered and put back together again." 

 The Billy Graham Residence

Part of the Graham property

What you see when you walk inside the barn.

This was a bit confusing. It is a 10 foot tall structure consisting 
of six layers of plexi-glass and unless you stand back from it, 
you don't realize that it forms a cross.

"Appreciation Walkway" leading down to the 
grave site of Billy Graham's wife, Ruth.

As you can see, lots of the leaves have already fallen 
from the trees.

We also took pictures at the Calvary Baptist Church properties in Charlotte, primarily because the architecture caught our attention.

Calvary Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC

Inside the Calvary Baptist Church

There are signs that we are definitely in the "south." The other day we stopped at a Subway. Jerry ordered the "veggie patty" sandwich. The girl behind the counter said that they don't sell veggie patties. "You are not from around here, are you?" she said to him. Jerry said that he was not from here. He then ordered a "veggie delight" and asked if she could put avocado on it. That was too much for her. She looked at him and said: "where ARE you from???" 

One last thing. We are parked under a few trees that drop acorns on our coach at night when the wind comes up. Our poor Chanti is going to have a heart attack. I hope that tonight will be better because we have had very little sleep with her panting, whining and pacing nearly all night long for the last two nights. Jerry bought a night light for the bathroom (where she likes to sleep on a rug) so maybe that might help her.

We leave tomorrow and head on south to Georgia where we will be spending Thanksgiving with long-time friends and house-mates for nearly 10 years, Donna and Stu.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Don't forget to be grateful, and to exercise.

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