November 10, 2012

Jackson Springs, North Carolina

Arrived Thursday at the Sycamore Lodge Resort here in Jackson Springs, North Carolina. Finally --- we are starting to come into warmer weather. Today it is 69 degrees outside, no wind to speak of, clear and beautiful. We have our windows open and, as with this type of weather, we have actually seen flies again. Not that we are looking forward to that aspect of the weather, but I think that both of us agree, we don't like the cold anymore and will take a few flies if that is what it takes.

Sycamore Lodge sign at entrance of park

This was our home park for Coast-to-Coast purposes until we purchased an interest in a home park in La Pine, Oregon a couple of years ago. As a consequence, we don't really want to maintain our interest in this park any longer and are willing to transfer it to anyone who wants it for $1.00. Of course, there will be transfer fees and annual maintenance fees which the purchaser would have to assume, which is common in any purchase of an interest in a park. 

We live on the West Coast and don't expect to be back to the East Coast anytime soon after this trip is over next year. If you live on the East Coast and need to invest in a home park for Coast-to-Coast, you might want to consider this offer. You can contact us by one of our email addresses above.

Parked in our spot at Sycamore Lodge

Here are a few pictures of this park.

The park has hundreds of trees.

The entrance to the park is lined with flags for
Veteran's Day.

The driveway to the front office

Still lots of green trees around, probably
because the weather is warmer here.

Close-up of one of the few red trees around here.

Taken last night at the pond here on the park property

Sun about to set over the pond.

Lastly, here is a picture of Chanti sitting in a little house of straw that our neighbor children built for her the first night we were here. This is a young family with five girls between the ages of 2 and 10 who live full time in a bus type RV and are on a two-year travel adventure with these young children. We first ran into this family in Jersey City a few weeks ago. They are also planning to spend the winter in Florida and we will probably run into them again.

Chanti in her straw house built by the neighbor kids.

We will be here until Thursday when we will head over the Charlotte, North Carolina, area to visit a long-time friend of Jerry's and her family. So looking forward to that.

Hope everyone is having a great week-end and week ahead. Please keep the folks in New York and New Jersey in your prayers. What they are going through has got to be tough. And, God bless our veterans.

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