July 18, 2012

Devil's Tower (WY), Rapid City, Mitchell and Sioux Falls (SD)

Got to do a lot of things these past couple of weeks. First, our trip to Devil's Tower, WY without our motorhome (we drove our car) -- what a fun time we had with John and Marijean! They were kind enough to get us a cabin to stay in as an early birthday gift for me. Thank you John and Marijean. Made our stay there all the more pleasant.

Cabin we stayed in at Devil's Tower,WY

The beauty of this area always amazes us. 

Taken from the KOA Park that John and Marijean stayed at.

And there is Devil's Tower reaching majestically towards the heavens.

Another view of the tower taken in later afternoon sunlight.

Looking over the valley from high up near the tower.

After two days there, we all drove back to Rapid City. Jerry and I stayed at the Rushmore RV Resort while John and Marijean stayed at the Hart Ranch RV Resort. Jerry and I jumped around among four different RV parks during our 9 week stay in this area. Both the Rushmore RV Resort and the Hart Ranch are top notch parks.

The four of us visited Mount Rushmore one evening and took in their evening show. 

Mount Rushmore at night.

Thought I would have a little fun
turning the memorial into a
grayscale photo, especially 
since it was taken at dark.

Took this picture the next day driving 
near Keystone. Can you see Washington's profile?

On another occasion, we spent a bit of time at the Crazy Horse memorial. 

The road into the memorial.


A model of what the final sculpture will look like 
together with the real work in progress.

Two horses sculpture on the premises.

Later, we had a very good dinner in their 
restaurant. Here is Jerry, Marijean 
and John obviously enjoying themselves.

On Tuesday, we drove 288 miles from Rapid City to Mitchell, SD for a one-night rest. Had to see the Corn Palace which I last saw again in the mid-60s.

The Corn Palace at Mitchell, SD

Inside the Corn Palace.

Yesterday (Tuesday), we drove to Brandon, SD, a drive of only 70 miles from Mitchell. Brandon is right outside of Sioux Falls. We are staying at the Big Sioux Recreation Area which is really a nice secluded place with lots of trees around. The weather is hot, humid and even rainy.

This morning, Jerry and I drove into Sioux Falls to check out the very first place Bob and I purchased back in 1962 and the hospital where I was employed and where Sean was born. 

First, the house. We were the first occupants in 1962.

And then the hospital. The small
brick building in the center comprised
the whole hospital back in 1962.
Now, the place ballooned to fill blocks,
typical of medical centers in other areas.

We've had lots of fun in South Dakota and with our friends in the last 10 days. Tomorrow, the four of us will head north to North Dakota to attend a family reunion on a farm and a wedding thrown into the picture. Should be a blast.


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