July 8, 2012

Rapid City, South Dakota

We are still here!!! Outside of staying in Pismo Beach for two months each year, this is the longest time we are staying in one area. It will be 9 weeks by the time we leave here.

We have had our usual issues with the weather. One day the temperature reached 115 degrees and was still 108 degrees at 9 pm. That was not a particular good day for us. I won't say anymore about that as we survived.

Our niece, Carolyn, and her husband, Wayne, stopped in to see us on their way to Colorado. We had a nice evening catching up with them. Unfortunately, I used my new wide-angle lens to take some pictures of them. (Wide angle lenses are better suited to taking landscape pictures.)

Carolyn, Wayne, Chanti and Me

Carolyn and Chanti (See Jerry in the background
excited about explaining something
earth-shattering to Wayne.)

We did take a day (even though it was really too hot) to take pictures of the statutes of Presidents in downtown Rapid City. Let me explain, Rapid City has a statute of every past President on one of its corners. It was actually quite fun visiting each one. Here are a few of them (not chosen for any particular reason except that I felt they were the better statutes.)

President James Madison

President Abraham Lincoln

President Andrew Johnson

President Thomas Jefferson

President John F. Kennedy

Jerry with President Warren Harding

Now here are a few close-ups.
President Harry S. Truman

President George Washington

President Bill Clinton

President Ronald Reagan

President Richard Nixon

President James Monroe

There you have it. Maybe it's because of Mount Rushmore, but Rapid City is a very patriotic city.

We are looking forward to tomorrow. We will drive about 100 miles to Devil's Tower (been there in 2008) to join up with our friends, John and Marijean. Will be spending until Wednesday there. They will then follow us back to Rapid City where we will stay for a bit longer and do some of the things on our list that we have been putting off until they are able to join us. 

Have a great week ahead everyone.

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