November 27, 2011

Oceano, California

We messed up! We were scheduled to leave here today, but we thought we had until tomorrow to leave. No problem. We just paid for an extra night here and called ahead to our next destination to tell them we would be a day late.

Tomorrow, we have lots to do. We first have to run errands in San Luis Obispo before we can get on the road. We will probably get out of here by 1 p.m. Hope the internet works at the next place because we will be away from civilization -- high in the Santa Barbara Mountains. We have 4G speeds here. That's why I've been updating the blog so often.

OK - one more picture. I took this one this morning while on my walk with Chanti. Again, it is taken with the panorama view on my cell phone, but this time, looking back over the RV park from the dunes.

Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort

We will definitely come back to this place. Most of the RVs in the picture left the park today. They were only here for the long Thanksgiving weekend. We find that most parks fill up over holidays, and then empty out when the holiday weekends are over. 

Have a great week everyone!

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