December 2, 2011

Rancho Oso Guest Ranch & Stables in Santa Barbara County

Been here at the Rancho Oso Guest Ranch & Stables since Monday now. This is really a nice place for horse lovers. You can bring your horse and camp out. They have a separate fenced stable for your horse right next to your spot. So there are lots of horse trails through the hills.

But, it is also an RV park and is part of the Resorts of Distinction group of parks. There are at least six step levels to park and we were given the opportunity to choose the spot of our choice. Normally, we would always select a high spot looking over the whole park. This time, we decided to take one on the lowest level right next to a cabin that they also rent out. No one is renting the cabin so we are pretty secluded.

Here we are parked on the lowest level next to an empty cabin.

Thank God we were parked there. The high winds that the LA area experienced this week also came through our area on Wednesday night. Chanti did her usually fear thing again and we ended having to give her the homeopathic anti-anxiety drops twice during the night. The winds were so powerful, overturning semi-trucks in LA and tearing out countless trees and telephone poles. We could hear the wind and our coach rocked a bit. But it was nothing like it could have been had not that cabin been in the way protecting us. God was definitely with us when we selected that spot.

We took a long walk on one of their many hiking trails on Wednesday. Took a few pictures along the way.

Saddles on one of the coral fences.

One of the horse corals with RV storage in the background.

There are even covered wagons to rent.

Another view of the covered wagons.

We also took a day trip into Solvang and Buelton. The hills are so beautiful around here.

Stopped along the way to take a picture of 
Cachuma Lake with my cell phone camera.

And of the Cachuma dam.

In case you are wondering, we do not have very good cell coverage or internet connection in this isolated area. So today, we drove into Santa Barbara (about 15 miles from the RV park) to check our emails and update the blog. It is Friday afternoon and we are at Starbucks. This town is so full of people. We are not used to that. 

Jerry got a hold of a classmate of his from high school (Dawn) and she happened to be shopping right next door to Starbucks. He is visiting with her while I finish this blog. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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