November 21, 2011

Oceano, California


We've been enjoying our stay here at the Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort. For the most part, we both spent a bit of time working on our books. Today, we ran over to Paso Robles to get our RV Christmas tree out of storage, pick up our mail in Cambria, stop at the fish market in Morro Bay and run some errands in San Luis Obispo. I brought my camera along and here are a few pictures I took today.

Highway 46 between Cambria and Paso Robles 
is one of the prettiest 26 mile-drives anyone can make. 
(Look up the hill to see the highway.)

Then, from the 2,000 foot elevation, we stopped to capture
the ocean in the background.

The greenery is spectacular.

In Morro Bay, we saw this seal frolicking in the ocean
while the kayakers watched.

At Morro Bay -- looking to the left --

-- looking straight forward to the famous Morro Rock --

-- looking to the right -- 

-- and, looking down to see this seal.

Yes, the Central Coast of California is a beautiful place.

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