November 13, 2011

Oceano, California

Been here in Oceano for one week. Two more weeks to go. We have never stayed at the Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort before. It is peaceful and quiet.

The day we arrived, I thought I'd take Chanti for a walk and check out how far we were from the beach as there is a wide sand dune to cross before we get to the beach. I left the motorhome at 4:45 p.m. and headed towards the beach. I had no idea how far we would have to walk because the sand dunes are misleading. There are 30 to 40 feet drops scattered throughout. It is almost like a maze. You walk on the upper ledge of one cliff (while continuing to head towards the beach) only to come to a dead end of a severe drop. Then, you have to back track and try another route.

Needless to say, we never actually reached the beach, though we could see it from a distance. Instead, it started to get dark with day light savings time gone and I knew that I had to get back. Now my problem was that I couldn't see where the severe drops were until they would be right in front of me. Why didn't I just follow our footsteps back to where I started? you may ask. What do you do when you lose track of the footsteps, too? To top it off, I forgot my cell phone. So, I just headed slowly towards the city lights. I was sure that I would soon meet up with Jerry with his flashlight wondering what had happened. But, that was dreaming.

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made it back to the motorhome. It was dark outside by the time I got back. When I walked into the RV, there was Jerry sitting at his computer. "Why," I asked, "didn't you come looking for me?" He looked up and didn't even realize that it was dark outside. After I recovered from my fearful walk, I had to tell someone. So I sent an email to my new friend, Yoko, in Japan.

Taken the night of my scary adventure -- before it got real dark outside.

Pat and Bill came to join us for dinner on Wednesday evening and brought our mail. We won't see them until mid-February as they are off to South Africa to be with their daughter when she has her baby.

The weather for the first part of the week was beautiful in the mid-sixties during the day. Then on Friday we had the rain that later made its way to LA.

On Saturday, Jerry, Chanti and I decided to cross the sand dunes and get to the ocean. This time we started out at 11 a.m. (Jerry had already been there two other times this week while he was on his long runs.) We figured out that we have to cross the sand dunes for 3/4 of a mile before we actually reach the ocean. The weather was overcast, so it made the trip more pleasant. Jerry took his video camera along and I took my camera. Here are the pictures I took on Saturday.

The sand dunes

No, this is not Siberia.

See the RV park in the distance.

You don't want to unexpectedly fall into these crevices

The portion of the dunes closest to the beach is fenced off for ATVs. 
Sean, you would love this!

We actually made it to the ocean and walked on the beach.

Jerry and Chanti

Now that you have seen a few of my pictures, here is short VIDEO of us running and walking around the dunes on Saturday, including Chanti who loved running of her high energy.

Sunset over the dunes.

We like this park and area, even though we are a bit too far from the beach to hear the waves at night. Until next time, have a great week everyone.

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