June 16, 2010

Long Beach, California

Continuing on with our "catching up" with people who have passed through our lives at some point and continue to remain in our hearts, I went to lunch with friends from Hughes Electronics (my former employer). We ate at Zahou's in Redondo Beach where they have the best desserts!

Lidia, Patricia, Jan and Kay

On Friday, we decided to take the Catalina Express over to Catalina to spend the day. We brought along our bikes and literally pushed them a mile up the hill at least 50% of the way. But, it was worth the effort to experience the views. Here are some pictures we took.

View of Avalon from high up the road.
There are lots of golf carts on the island.
A pet cemetery we passed while traveling up the hill.

On Saturday, Susan (daughter) and Samantha (granddaughter) picked me up so I could spend some time with the kids and attend a play ("Once Upon a Mattress") by the Millikan Middle School & Performing Arts Magnet where our granddaughter, Erin, played a major supporting actor part as Lady Larken.
Erin after the play.

Spent Saturday night at Susan's place while Jerry stayed back at the RV with our dog, Chanti. Guess he and John got together for a special clam and mussel linguine dinner for just the two of them as Marijean was in Temecula.

On Monday we took the bikes and traveled south on the bike path along the beach. The weather has been just beautiful here in Long Beach. In the evening, we went to the jacuzzi.

Then, today, I went to lunch with a friend that goes back to 1946. We started out in grade school together, went through high school and then through nurses training. After that, we would see each other a couple of times at reunions, but basically did not keep up with each other in between those times. What a fun time I had catching up with Nancy.
Me with Nancy

Went with John and Marijean to the Long Beach Yacht Club for dinner this evening. After we leave Long Beach on Friday morning, we won't be back in the area until the end of the year.

John and Marijean

Let me just say that we realize that we are blessed to be able to enjoy our retirement in the way we are living it -- full-timing in a motorhome, seeing family and old friends, meeting new people along the way, and exploring this great country we live in. It is a dream come true.

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