June 9, 2010

Long Beach, California

Golden Shore RV Resort - Long Beach, CA

It's been a week of entertaining and biking.  On Tuesday, we went on a 12 miles bike ride.  There is a 52 mile long paved bike trail running right past the RV park.

One of our reasons for coming to Long Beach was so that we could catch up with friends and family.  Before we moved to Cambia in 1999, we lived in Playa del Rey, CA for 23 years.  The Golden Shores RV Park in Long Beach is the closest one to our former stomping grounds.

First guest was Brad (long time friend of Jerry's) and his friend, Heidi, from Germany.  Loved the white chocolate she brought us from Germany.   
Brad and Heidi

On Saturday, our daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Andrea and Natalie, drove down from Santa Monica to spend the day with us.  We did lots of talking, walking, Natalie went swimming, and eating (Jerry made dinner).  Afterwards, Natalie found her favorite "strawberry cheesecake bar on a stick" in the RV park store after we forewarned her that the small store would probably not carry that item.
Then, on Sunday, we had a brunch of lox and bagels with friends of 33 years, Walt and Joan, who live in Santa Monica.  They are exactly our ages.  We had so much catching up to do (even discussed cameras), but we all forgot to get a picture of the four of us. 

Yesterday, Pete, a former employee of Jerry's came over to bring us up-to-date of his activities after graduating of Otis College of Design in 2000.  He and his wife are expecting their first child in a couple of weeks.  Good luck Pete and Jamie. 
Pete and Jerry

Today, John Scott who was Jerry's high school photo teacher, drove from Manhattan Beach to join us.  They go back 50 years.  Wow!  We are all getting up there in age.
John Scott and Jerry

After John left, we took a walk around the area near the Long Beach Aquarium, downtown Long Beach, and the marina.  The area is built-up nicely.  There is music playing on the boardwalk, and it is just a pleasant area to spend some time.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with friends I worked with at Hughes.

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Elek said...

Vow, "Mr. Scott" looks great. Did he drive his 50 year old Mercedes sports car down?