June 2, 2010

Long Beach, California

Our last week in Temecula flew by.  In fact, the whole month in Temecula just flew by.  Where did it go?  Is this what full-timing is all about?  Each day is a good day.   The RV park was pretty much empty during each week, but really filled up over the weekends, and especially over Memorial Day Weekend. 
Pechange RV Park During Middle of the Week
Middle of the Week
Memorial Day Weekend
Of course, RVers are patriotic!

We took one morning to enjoy breakfast at the Pechanga Golf Course Restaurant, and afterwards, walked the grounds.
On Tuesday, we drove to Long Beach from Temecula.  Stopped along the way to pick up some items I had sent to Susan's house and say "hi" one more time to the kids, Samantha and Christian.

We are planning on staying at the Golden Shores RV Resort in Long Beach until June 18.  Jerry has scheduled a lot of people we want to see, and I still have to work into the schedule seeing my long-time friends, graduations and a play that our granddaughter is in.  Should be an interesting few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I see a picture of the back of my RV with our flag on it, which was a surprise. Yes, we enjoyed the weekend there too. Safe Travels!