June 28, 2010

Bass Lake and Angels Camp, California

Took a couple of pictures with my Droid Incredible and am posting them here to show you how great the camera is on that little cell phone.   
Parked at Bass Lake
Bass Lake - Picture taken on our walk to the lake.

We left Bass Lake on Sunday and drove over Highway 49.  From Mariposa to Angel's Camp, the road was not motorhome friendly.  Jerry swore he'd never drive that road again in our RV.  If you don't know that Highway, it winds and turns, goes up and down over high hills and deep valleys.  The scenery was beautiful, but we couldn't really enjoy it.  The temperature was 100 degrees and the RV engine kept heating up.  We had to stop a number of times to cool down the engine. 

We purposely went to Angel's Camp to visit with long time friends, Pam and George.  Jerry used to work with Pam at St. John's Hospital in the '60s.  They came over for dinner last night.  George and Pam own O.A.R.S., Inc., a river running company.  It was great to see them and to catch up with them.  

George, Jerry and Pam.

Then, this morning (Monday), we got up early to travel from Angel's Camp to Lake Tahoe.  We wanted to beat the heat.  But, our good intentions to outsmart the heat didn't work.  Again, we had to stop numerous times to let our coach cool down as we moved our "condo on wheels" to a new location.  It was 92 degrees by 11 a.m. as we climbed Highway 50 whose elevation is over 7,000 feet.  It was very taxing on the engine and transmission.

We are now settled in at Lake Tahoe and will be here for three weeks.  Our Verizon MiFi works, so we have internet.  What more can we ask!
Parked at Lake Tahoe for three weeks.

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