December 6, 2009

Pahrump, Nevada

Spent three days here in Pahrump, Nevada.  Very nice scenery driving over here from Las Vegas on Friday.

John and Marijean are parked right next to us.  You can see a snow capped mountain behind our RVs.

Wow, but the weather is colder here than at any time we were in Alaska.  It got down to 25 degrees last night and 53 degrees during the day -- and very very windy -- which makes it feel even colder.

Marijean came back yesterday.  So, you guessed it -- we went out to eat at the five-star restaurant in the park called the Pahrump Valley Winery and Symphony Restaurant.  Like I didn't get enough halibut in Alaska, I had halibut that was done perfectly with pineapple. 

Tomorrow we all move on to Death Valley, a drive of about 2 hours from here, where we will stay for a week.

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Patricia said...

Whats with the eating out, doesn't MaryJean like your cooking???