December 19, 2009

Newport Beach, California

Spent Monday night at a Coast to Coast RV Park near Beaumont, California.  Lots of snow covered mountains in that area.  Had time to get the wash done and go in the jacuzzi.

Drove to Newport Beach, California on Tuesday, after first stopping to check out Marathon Coach.  This Dunes RV Park in Newport Beach is hugh.  They also have a great jacuzzi and free wi-fi.

On Wednesday, we took the bikes and went over to Balboa Island.  This is an exclusive and expensive place.  Just looking at the real estate flyers on the window of a real estate office, we were amazed to find very small ordinary houses on small lots located close to their neighbors for sale at $2.5 million.  We parked the bikes and walked up and down both sides of the street.  Quite a quaint little place!

Susan, Raul, Ivan, Samantha and Christian stopped over after Christian's soccer game in Irvine this morning. Was able to give the wrapped Christmas gifts to Sue and make more room for us on the coach.

Tomorrow is our 35th wedding anniversary.  We will be going out for brunch to celebrate.  Imagine, 35 years of marriage to the guy I said "no" to countless times.  Persistence pays off.  It's been a great 35 years.  

Leaving Wednesday for Christmas at Sue's place.

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