December 14, 2009

Death Valley, California

Couldn't update this blog for a week because we were isolated in Death Valley, California -- 190 feet below sea level.  No cell towers anywhere.  John and Marijean were with us, but Marijean left early again.  While four storms blanketed the country last week, we had beautiful weather.  It rained very lightly two of the nights.  Otherwise, the daytime temperatures were in the 50s-60s, and the nighttime in the 40s.

I won't tell you that we (once again) went out to eat with John and Marijean at a first class restaurant.  It seems to be their hobby and when we are with them, we join in.  Great food, presented perfectly.
One day we drove nearly a hour to see Scotty's Castle and hear the story behind it.  Very interesting!

On another day, we biked around the desert.

Then, after Marijean left, John took us on a tour up in the hills.

Pictures can't due justice to the geology of the place.  It is something that needs to be experienced.  The following slide shoes gives you some idea of this unique place.

Then, one night, a pack of coyotes kept us awake with their howling.  It is so dark in the Valley that the bright stars and milky way feel as if you can just reach up and touch them.

On the last night we were there, Jerry invited the few people camping in the park over for the camp fire.  One couple had been coming to Death Valley for over 20 years.  They just celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary.  Goes to show -- outdoor living is good living!

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