October 15, 2013

Williams, AZ (Grand Canyon)

First of all -- thank you Arizona for opening up the Grand Canyon to visitors during the US Government shutdown. Today, Marijean and I rode the Grand Canyon Railway 65 miles to the Grand Canyon. Both Jerry and John decided not to make the trip. We had such a fun day! It took 2 hours and 15 minutes each way, and we had a good four hours to walk along the rim of the Grand Canyon, eat and take pictures before we had to be back on the train.

 The Grand Canyon Railway train that we rode.

Marijean enjoying the scenery on the 
way to the Grand Canyon.

It was a beautiful day for taking pictures. 
Temperature was 57 degrees.

There were walking paths all along the rim
of the Grand Canyon when we left the train.
But, some people chose not to stay
on the path. A bit scary if you ask us, 
especially considering that we were 
at an altitude of 7,120 feet where anyone
could get a bit light-headed.

We ate lunch at a wonderful restaurant, walked a bit more, and were back on the train when it left the station at 3:30 p.m. However, train robbers accosted the train, stopped it and came aboard on our way back. Must say, the Grand Canyon Railway goes all out to make the whole experience for the passengers enjoyable. On both the morning ride and the afternoon ride back, a cowboy vocalist with a guitar entertained the passengers with memorable songs.

Fake train robbers (picture taken out
of my window of the train).

It will get down to 24 degrees tonight. We are leaving tomorrow and traveling 210 miles to Las Vegas where we will spend the next week.

Enjoy the life you love!

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