October 4, 2013

Monument, Colorado (Week 2)

John and Marijean joined us here at the Monument Heights RV Park on Tuesday. They are parked next to us.

It has been nice catching up with them again. Dinner at their place one night, and then at our place the next night. Great weather until today. Right now it is snowing and 28 degrees.

Icicles on the roof of our coach

Snow on our car

But, last weekend, Tom and I attended the memorial for our friend, Stu, in Cumming, Georgia. Here is just one picture of Tom and Tracy, Donna's niece, who came to visit us each summer when we lived with Donna and Stu back in the 70s and 80s.

Tom and Tracy

Yesterday, Jerry and John took the railway cog up to the top of Pikes Peak. Here are the pictures Jerry took.

View from the top of Pikes Peak

Leaves starting to turn

While they spent their time traveling up Pikes Peak, Marijean and I toured the Olympic Training Center.

Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Construction underway to expand the Center
(expected to be finished in February 2014)

We learned that the top 10-15% of the athletes in the various sports get to stay at the Center for free. They train from 4-8 hours each day, except for Sundays.

The pool is 6 feet, 7 inches deep around the edges, and
9 feet in the center. This is designed to keep the 
waves down when the athletes compete.

Shooting range

Wrestling Center

Weight Room

Sculpture in front of the Center

View from in front of the Center

Afterwards, Marijean and I went to lunch at the Broadmoor Hotel. This is an old hotel that Marijean's dad took her to some 50 years ago. There were nine restaurants from which to choose. The food was great.

Front of the old Broadmoor Hotel

The restaurant in which we ate

Marijean in the restaurant

If the weather improves, we will all leave here tomorrow and make our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we will be attending the Balloon Festival.

Continue to enjoy the life you love.

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