October 20, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada

Just kicking back here in Las Vegas. Weather has been great since we arrived last Wednesday -- in the 70s during the day and the 50s at night. We are staying at Sam's Town where we have stayed a number of times in the last seven years. John and Marijean are parked right next to us. We love traveling with friends and relatives where each couple does their own thing, yet we get together enough to enjoy each others' company, share food and good stories.

Last night, the four of us saw Jersey Boys at the Paris Hotel. What a production and show! Very creative, great music and engaging from beginning to end.

John and Marijean are leaving tomorrow and driving back to Temecula, California. Jerry and I will leave on Tuesday and make the long trek to Long Beach, California. With that, we will have traveled to 42 states in the last 20 months, having left California in March 2012. It will feel good to be back and see the family and grandkids again.

Did not take any pictures while in Las Vegas, but I did take some out of the front window of our coach while traveling from Williams to here on Wednesday. So, here is one picture of John and Marijean's coach traveling in front of us along the highway.

John and Marijean traveling in front of
us on our way to Las Vegas.

Just a heads up -- once we are back in California, we will probably not be updating this blog as frequently.  When we get back to Pismo Beach, however, we will post a recap of our 2012-2013 trip. And, we will continue to post pictures from time to time -- though not on any regular basis.

Enjoy the life you love and love life!

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