August 26, 2013

Cold Spring, Minnesota

Spending two more weeks in my home town where four of my siblings still live with their spouses called for a LOT of get-togethers. I counted nine separate eating events that I attended, which included the meals Jerry prepared for individual couples. Needless to say, we enjoyed every minute of it. We didn't take many family pictures this time around, however. And, we didn't take the time to update the blog either until now.

Jerry continued to upgrade our coach. Installing the 40-inch HDTV created a slight problem. Seems that our Winegard Dome Satellite dish, though "high-definition ready," did not bring in high definition viewing. That's because, we found out, DirecTv switched all of its high definition stations to different transponders. Long story short, we had to install a new satellite dish on top of our coach. This thing weighed 56 pounds. Jerry was able to get it up on our roof with the help of a volunteer. But, before he found the guy to help him, he tried to do it himself.

Jerry trying to get the satellite dish hoisted up 
to the roof of the motorhome.

So far, in addition to the new HDTV and satellite dish, we now have new fixtures over the long counter, a new smaller television to replace the old one that was on the counter (because the people were now squashed down and all looked fat on the old one which was not HD), new energy efficient blinds, LED light bulbs, an over-the-bed fan in the bedroom, two new Fan-Tastic air vents that have a rain sensor on them which causes the open vent to automatically shut down when it rains, and other new miscellaneous smaller items. We are not done yet and are headed back down to Winnebago in Iowa to finish the work.

Here are a few of the pictures that we took at some of the gatherings.

Jan's caramel rolls (to die for)

The gang at Tim and Jan's place for brunch. (Jerry, me,
Ann, Dorothy, Dave, Tim, Jan, Dan and Kasi)

Dorothy dancing with her granddaughter, Sophia,
with her daughter, Laurie, in the background.

Fish fry at Dave and Dorothy's place.
Dave, his brother, and Tim caught the fish for the fish fry.

Brother, Tim, enjoying the High Life of retirement
at the fish fry.

We all went out one more time yesterday (Sunday) for a very nice brunch at the Coyote Moon Restaurant next to a golf course in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Today, we moved on and are currently staying at Camping World in Rogers, Minnesota, where we will have the braking system installed on the Chevrolet Equinox before we attempt to go over the Rocky Mountains to get back to California later this year.

It is absolutely miserable here with the temperature registering 98 degrees a few hours ago. Can't wait for this heat stream to break. 

Tomorrow or Wednesday, we will be on our way back to Forest City, Iowa, to the Winnebago facility.

As always, continue to live the life you love!

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