September 11, 2013

Forest City, Iowa

RVers who have to go back to their factory to have work done on their coach can appreciate our experience these past two weeks. Yes, we have spent two weeks in Forest City, Iowa, home of Winnebago. For the first week, they needed to keep the coach overnight for three days. So we checked into the Knights Inn Resort. Nothing like hanging out in a room for three days. Got a lot of reading done and Jerry spent his time working on his blog videos.

The Resort is situated in a beautiful country-side setting adjacent to the longest golf course in Iowa. We were able to take long walks along the pathways in the area and in the local park.

Thomas Bearse Park 

Swinging bridge in the Park

Close-up of the swinging bridge

We made a  couple of trips into Mason City during this time. Mason City is about 30 miles from Forest City and is the largest city around this area. On the way, we also checked out Clear Lake.

Clear Lake, Iowa

Clear Lake, Iowa

We left Winnebago yesterday and traveled to Altoona which is right outside of  Des Moines, Iowa, where Jerry is adding a bit of chrome to the outside of the coach. At that point, we are finished up-grading the RV. And, we love the changes that we have made to it. In another blog, I will post pictures of the coach.

We will leave here on Friday and continue our slow trek back to California. We will be spending some time in Colorado and meeting up again with our friends, John and Marijean. That will be the third time we have met up with them on this two-year trip.

This will be a short up-date as we really did not take many pictures these past two week.

Continue to live the life you love.

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