August 11, 2013

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Well, it was really a fun week here in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. The Forest Hills Golf & RV Resort is huge, clean and well kept. Obviously, there is a golf course surrounding the Resort on all sides. Some long-term residents have put up wire mesh to keep the golf balls from hitting their RV or cabin. We actually found a golf ball next to our hook-up one day, and know that it must have hit our motor home before landing there.

Parked at the Forest Hills Golf & RV Resort.

Because we are members of Coast-to-Coast, we only paid $10.00 a night. Normal rates are $75.00 a night. Love all the greenery around here.

Behind our motor home and in the distance, there is a lovely church on a hill that really stands out.

Church on Forest Hill

We spent a couple of days at the lakes with Sean and Rachelle and family. One day we went on a long pontoon ride around Pelican Lake and the next day, we took a shorter ride around the lake. Of course, there was plenty of food and BBQ.

Danica and Sean on the pontoon 

Jerry and Chanti enjoying the ride, with Donovan trying to catch some sun

Just a cabin on the lake worth $48 million dollars. Sean
says that Pelican Lake is the second most expensive lake
in Minnesota.

An absolutely beautiful day on the lake.

Angela and Danica

Angela and Danica, again

Sean, being Sean, and tossing Donovan into the
water with Rachelle and Danica looking on.

Later, we sat around the fire as the sun was setting

Then, yesterday (Saturday), Sean and Rachelle asked us to join them at a large campsite with their friends. Since we did not have clear directions on exactly where this campsite was located, we drove a few miles too far and stumbled across a farmer's market in Battle Lake, Minnesota. Jerry and I always stop at these and we usually find them quite interesting. This one was one of the best with many very unique items.

Farmer's market at Battle Lake, Minnesota

Tonight (Sunday), Sean and Rachelle joined us here on the coach for dinner. They were beat from a week-end of camping with their friends. Jerry made a great dinner and then they were headed home after we said our good-byes.  All-in-all, it was a great week. And the weather was perfect (in the 70s). The only regret we have is that we were not able to connect with Daniel.

Tomorrow (Monday), we will travel back to Rockville where we will stay for the next couple of weeks. We are continuing to up-grade our motor home and have a number of items showing up at Dave and Dorothy's house this week which Jerry will have to install. He has his work cut out for him.

Stay healthy and continue to live the life you love!

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