March 1, 2013

Sam Forse Collins Recreational Center, Texas

We stayed at the South Toledo Bend State Park in Louisiana until Tuesday (Feb. 26). While there, we continued to  enjoy our stay in the woods and near the water.

Full moon seen through the trees in the park.

 We discovered a number of nice cabins that people
rent in the summer time. Great for large family
get-togethers. All of them were empty at this time.

The one hiking trail that we had not walked was the Eagle Nest Hike. So we did that, too, one day.

The Eagle Nest Hiking Trail was not paved,
but winded through the woods along the water.

There was even a bench in the middle of the woods on which to rest.

A couple of nights, we had beautiful sunsets.

On Sunday, Dave and Dorothy took us out to a Japanese restaurant for a delicious brunch. It was along the lines of a Benihana Restaurant (though it was not one) where the chef performs all kinds of tricks with his knives while preparing the meal in front of us.

Vegetables, shrimp, red snapper, beef and scallops on the grill.

And here we are, sitting back after finishing the meal.

On Monday, Jerry turned 70 years old. He celebrated by preparing the meal for the four of us. He loves to cook -- if you haven't gathered that by now. He made tri-tip, something Californians are familiar with, but have to get a special butcher to get it for you here in the South. 

Then on Tuesday, we packed up the motorhome and drove a distance of three miles across the border from Louisiana to Texas. We are now within a mile of Dorothy and Dave's place. The Sam Forse Collins Recreational Center is located right on the reservoir. It is free, but you can only stay four days. There are no hook-ups. They do have large showers, though. We basically have the whole park to ourselves, with the exception of one guy who spent a couple of nights here. 

Parked at the Sam Forse Collins Recreational Center.

We don't know what kind of birds these are, but
thousands of them come together in a flock and 
settle on the grass around us. You should hear the
symphony they create with their chirping.

The cliffs along the reservoir in this park.

We are joining Dorothy and Dave tonight for a deep fried cat fish dinner at a restaurant. Not me. I will find something else to eat. Just to update you on my vegan diet. On March 6, I will have been on this diet for a year. In the last couple of months, I have modified my diet a bit to where I will now eat fish twice a month. I had fish on Sunday, so I will not eat it tonight. Plus, if I'm going to eat fish only twice a month, I have to be selective.

Tomorrow, Dorothy and Dave will join us on the coach for coffee and caramel-cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then Jerry and I will pull out of here and head towards Baton Rouge. We really enjoyed the last two weeks here with them.

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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