March 17, 2013

Grand Isle, Louisiana (Week Two)


What a lovely week. Beautiful weather -- in the 60s and low 70s. Walked the beach nearly every day.

Grand Isle, LA Sign

I accompanied Michelle (the park owner) to the nearest town about 40 miles away on Monday. Still can't believe all the water around here and all the bridges we have to cross to get off of the island. Michelle said that high winds can blow water in from the Gulf and cover the low lying roads to where the island residents can't get off of the island until the water recedes.

Then, on Tuesday, Jerry and I made the trip into the town (I think the town is called "Cut Off") to get our teeth cleaned as we will be gone from our regular dentist in California for two years. Also took Chanti in for her rabies shot which was due. So, all in all, it was a productive day.

On Wednesday, I drove again with Michelle -- but this time we went all the way to New Orleans (about 55 miles away) -- to attend a bead show at a hotel. Michelle is into beading. I bought some beads for a necklace that will be a reading glass holder when it is finished.  

Here are some pictures of the small get-together we attended last Saturday at the Louisiana State run oyster research farm. They served a delicious crawfish bisque that Jerry thought was out-of-this-world.

Hanging out with with locals:
Lanny, Jerry and Michelle (looking into the Gulf), John,
Sue, Andy and Karen hanging out on the porch.

Harvesting a special brand of disease-resistant oysters.

Watched the sun set from their porch.

Yesterday, we drove to Elmer's Island, a few miles away, and walked that beach. That island has lots of sea shells along the shore.

On the way out there, we saw this white rock embedded
in a tree. Must have happened with one of the hurricanes
that hit this area.

We stopped the car on the way back and walked the bridge that takes us back over to Grand Isle. These are the pictures we took from the bridge.

Coming down the bridge with Grand Isle
at the end of the bridge.

Grand Isle as seen from the bridge. Just imagine --
this whole island was 5 feet under 
water when Katrina hit it.

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

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