March 24, 2013

Grand Isle, Louisiana (Week Three)

It's been a nice relaxing week on this island.

We made another trip on Tuesday off of the island and into town about 40 miles away. This time it was to get my tooth pulled. It was a lower back tooth that broke off about 8 months ago. And, it was an old (I mean from the 60s) root canal. The dentist worked for a good half an hour to get it out. Thought I would be in lots of pain afterwards, but I have had hardly any pain -- other than the surrounding teeth that caught the pressure she applied in trying to extract the tooth.

Then, on Wednesday, we had Michelle and Lanny (the owners of this park) over for dinner. Jerry made his roasted duck with orange marmalade glaze and Minnesota wild rice with bacon. Forgot to take a picture of them or the food, but will get one of them before we leave here.

Tried to catch some sunset pictures. Here they are.

Jerry continues to run on the beach every other day, but Chanti and I over-did it last Sunday. My left knee (which has had four surgeries in the past) has had it. And, Chanti's arthritis is also acting up. So we have taken it easy this week.

Have also had to deal this week with a credit card that was compromised. Now I have my new card, though, and am set to go.

Have a great week, everyone!

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