December 12, 2012

Ormond Beach, Florica

Ormond Beach is about 8 miles from Daytona Beach. So our plan was to get here to the Sunshine Holiday RV Resort prior to the onset of the storm. Luckily, we made it to the park just as the rain started coming down. Within the next 2-3 hours, both our cells phones, our computers and our NOAA radio started screaming at us to "get to shelter immediately" as a tornado was heading our way. The sky looked dark but we weren't getting much rain. Not sure what to do, Jerry checked in with the office and the girl behind the counter laughed and said: "not to worry -- we get this all the time."

With that, Jerry decided he wanted to go get some pizza, and he left. I wasn't nearly so pacified by her comment as the weather service continued to issue alerts to "get to shelter immediately." While he was gone, here is the picture I took on my cell phone:

Turns out, there was a tornado that touched down about 10 miles from here, damaging 90 homes and causing 2 million dollars of damage.

Hope this Florida weather improves as we plan to spend 6 to 7 weeks in Florida. Don't like the humidity.

We took this one for you, Bill.

It's been overcast, rainy and foggy -- not ideal for picture taking.

Tomorrow, we move in-land a bit, going to Orlando. The weather is suppose to be better.

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