December 16, 2012

Orlando, Florida

The world grieves for the Newtown, Connecticut families and community affected by the horrible tragedy on Friday. It is just so very sad. And, while that took place, we just happened to be in a place where there are other children enjoying themselves here at Disney World in Orlando. Our hearts are heavy for the children of Newtown. Jerry and I drove past Newtown this summer.

Disney World is huge. Disneyland in California can fit in the Disney World parking lot. To get to any place requires one to take a minimum of two buses. Can't imagine coming here in the summertime.

We are parked in the Wilderness RV Resort
on the Disney World property.

We chose to visit Epcot, one of the five separate major entertainment areas, and Downtown Disney. At Epcot, we went on three rides, but the simulator ride to Mars was by far the most exciting. 

Showing the entrance to Epcot Center.

Taken at night when we came back 
for a Christmas concert and fireworks.

Epcot at night before the fireworks 
show began.

Some of the choir members waiting to begin
their march on to the stage.

Christmas program singers 
and orchestra. It was fantastic.

The program was followed by
a terrific fireworks show.

 The people were very close
to the fireworks display.

More of the fireworks.

Yesterday, we took a couple of buses to Downtown Disney. This is a place of primarily many many restaurants and lots of gift shops -- and a few other entertainment events.

Children admiring a dragon made out of
lego blocks at Downtown Disney.

And, if you wish, you can go up in
an air balloon (we didn't do this).

When we decided to do this two-year trip to the East Coast, we wondered whether we should bring along our small fiber optic christmas tree to put in our front window, as we do each year. We determined that it would take up too much room in our compartment and decided to put it in storage.
Obviously, others were not put off by this concern. Here are some of the holiday decorations others have erected just in this RV park:

This puts our little fiber optics tree to shame.

We walked from RV to RV just enjoying
the displays and taking pictures. Again,
these are RV displays -- not Disney World displays.

Lots of lights

Carrots set out for the reindeer.

Just how many Mickey and Minnie Mouse animals
can one stuff in the front window of an RV?

And, how about a running training traveling
to the music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

Nativity scene.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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