December 2, 2012

Charleston, SC

We've always wanted to go to Charleston, SC because we heard stories about how much history lives in this place. We arrived at the Old Plantation Campground (even the name of this place says something about its history) four days ago and tried to take in as much as we could in so short a period of time.

 Parked at the Old Plantation Campground
(about 10 miles from downtown Charleston)

We visited downtown Charleston where we toured The Market that runs on for blocks with hundreds of small vendors selling everything imaginable. Yes, the downtown is old, but well kept. The streets are somewhat narrow.  

United States Custom House
(took this picture because the
building looked impressive)

We walked along the pier next to the place where the cruise ships come into port.

Waterfall on the pier walkway

On the pier looking back towards Charleston

We looked across the water to Cooper River Bridge.

The next day we drove across the Cooper
River Bridge. (See the truck in the 
bottom of the picture to get a 
feel for the size of this bridge.

This is Spanish Moss on the tree. It is all 
over the trees around here. 

Spanish moss is a plant that does not rely on the tree for nutrients. It also spreads its seeds by the winds and birds. We don't know if this moss is the culprit or if the Pampas grass plant (picture below) is the one causing Chanti to have her allergies back. We started giving her an anti-histamine again that is helping her.

Pampas Grass

One more picture looking towards downtown
Charleston from the pier.

Tomorrow we will drive 108 miles to Savannah, Georgia where we will stay for a week. Really looking forward to spending some time there as we have heard nothing but good things about Savannah.

Have a great week ahead, everyone.

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