June 2, 2012

Rapid City, South Dakota

Well at least we are out of the tornado areas of Oklahoma and Nebraska. Saw on the news that they are still experiencing them in those areas. But, our weather here in Rapid City for the last two weeks is interesting to say the least. It can turn on a dime. One day the high is 60 degrees and today we have 87 degrees. The wind comes and goes from 5-10 miles per hour to 35-40 miles per hour. One thing we are enjoying is all the pretty clouds -- something we don't see that often on the west coast.

Parked at Rushmore Shadows RV Resort

On Monday, we have moved on to Hart Ranch, a beautiful RV resort here in Rapid City. It is huge with lots of amenities.

We have made a list of the different sites we will visit while we are here. We made one trip through Custer State Park, but the weather that day was overcast and rainy. Will will go back and hopefully can take better pictures. But, here are a couple of pictures we took that day just to show you the beauty of the rocks and hills.

 First, one more picture of a buffalo near the road.

Custer State Park

Rocky hills in Custer State Park

Stopped to eat our lunch along the way.

Don't think our motorhome could make it
through this tunnel in Custer State Park.

Took a 6-mile bike ride on a path near the RV park this morning
and passed some beautiful areas. This was one of them.

Have a great week, everyone.

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