June 13, 2012


Jerry is having a great Father's Day this year. First, he got a new cell phone (Droid 4 because he likes slide outs). Second, he got a new car. Before I go any further, the new car purchase was not on our agenda -- but we didn't have a choice in the matter.

Let me explain. The transmission went out on the Tahoe when we were in town (about 10 miles from the RV park). We were very lucky that it happened in town rather than when we were out exploring the hills around here. So the Tahoe gets towed to the local Chevy dealer and the dealership gives us a ride back out to the RV. Three days later, we get picked up because all the work is done on the Tahoe (new transmission, along with other work Jerry requested such as new front brake calipers and pads, steering box, lube and oil, and 4x4 system check etc.). Total cost -- just over $4,000. Ouch!

As we were leaving, the mechanic decided to check if the Tahoe is a towable vehicle. Now this was something that was thoroughly checked out before we started towing the Tahoe a year and a half ago. Turns out that the new Tahoes are towable, but not one that is 15 years old. Long story made short -- the transmission went out because we towed it. Too bad, because Jerry wanted to run this vehicle to one million miles (it has 179,000 miles on it).

What to do! No choice but to trade it in on a new car, which is exactly what we did. We are now driving the Chevy Equinox. And yes, it is a towable vehicle.

New Chevy Equinox

Other than that little bit of excitement, we have been driving around the black hills, checking out places, went to see a movie (Best Little Marigold Hotel -- definitely a movie for old folks), and catching up on things in general. We have a list of 10 things we want to do and see while we are in this area and are working our way through the list. Also, Jerry was a guest speaker on a small business radio program here in Rapid City the other day.

Here are some pictures we've taken along the way. 

This is the view out of our RV front window 
(taken with cell phone camera)

Taken on Sunday at the Pactola Dam and Reservoir

Gives you an idea of how fast the weather changes around here.

In fact, we have lived through two hail storms with winds up to 40 miles per hour so far. More to come I'm sure.

Taken on the bike path near the RV park. 

Until next time, stay safe, happy and healthy.

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