May 20, 2012

Rapid City, South Dakota

They improved this Rushmore Shadows RV Park since we were last here in 2008 -- paved lots of the roads. Sure makes it more pleasant to be here.

On Thursday, we decided to check out the South Dakota Badlands, a 60-mile drive from where we are staying. Must say, they are nothing like the North Dakota Badlands. But, we enjoyed the day and the scenery. Even took along sandwiches which we ate out in a park area near the Visitor's Center. Should have taken a picture of it as we drove right by it before we realized that the small building with no signs was the Visitor's Center. Had to back up.

Taken at the start of the drive.

About the highest peaks we saw.

And more.

Taken on our way out.

Just had to include this one. (Hey Pat and Bill -- we have the 
husband of a niece who moves houses for a living. Should we contact him?)

Weather has been quite windy, raining off and on for two days, and between 68 and 84 degrees (45-55 at night). Sure beats the heat we left in Texas and Oklahoma.

Have a great week, everyone!

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