March 18, 2012

Ventura Beach and Anaheim, California

Finally got on the road with our first stop at our favorite place on Ventura Beach. We were able to spend three nights there. Dawn, a classmate of Jerry, drove down from Santa Barbara to have lunch with us on one of the days.

Dawn and Jerry

You just can't beat the sound of the ocean crashing on the shores or the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. So we tried to take as much in as we could as this is our last view of this magnificent place for nearly two years. We are headed to the east coast to see the Atlantic Ocean and study the history of our great country. 

Weather was beautiful!

One of the residents of the place.

Watched graceful pelicans fly by us.

And a lone seagull later in the day.

Drove through Santa Monica on Thursday and were able to join long time friends, Walt and Joan, for lunch at a wonderful restaurant. We sat outdoors and had the best food.

Joan and Walt

We are staying at the Anaheim RV Village which is located right next to Disneyland. The first night we were here, we saw and heard the fireworks set off by the park. Of course, Chanti (our dog) went crazy. The next night I gave her some homeopathic calming drops an hour before the scheduled fireworks display. Guess what! There were none that night. Here are some pictures we took right out of our RV window.

Fireworks at Disneyland

While in Anaheim, I also had lunch with two high school classmates, one my first cousin, who haven't seen each other since we graduated from high school in Cold Spring, Minnesota in 1958. Spent a fun three hours catching up with each other.

Nancy, Mary (my first cousin) and Me

Spent the rest of the weekend with our children and grandchildren. Today, we were all together at (son) Shan's house to celebrate (son) Tom's 46th birthday. Bob and Nancy, long time friends of the family were able to join us. What a fun evening!

Family and friends

Natalie, Tom, James, Susan and Samantha

Erin, Sara and Brenna (granddaughters)

Tomorrow we leave California with a 250 miles ride to the Arizona border. We will see the family next in North Dakota in July.

Have a great week, everyone!

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