March 25, 2012

Ehrenberg and Phoenix, Arizona

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were our days of "decompression" as we called them. After running around in LA for a week, we were ready to experience some quiet time. And we did that in Ehrenberg, Arizona at the Colorado River Oasis RV Park on the Colorado River.

We are the ones with the orange cone in front of the coach. 
(The river is further behind us.)

It is definitely in the desert! Hot and dry!

The Colorado River next to the park.

On Thursday, we drove a couple of hours to a place right outside of Phoenix, Arizona, to attend the Good Sam RV Rally.  Jerry was a bit upset that the attendees were required to drive through dust and sand (instead of driving on the pavement) to park their RVs as he had just spent three hours washing our motorhome and Armoralling all of the tires. 

We've attended a number of these Rallies in the past few years, but never in a place where all of the events were either out doors or in tents. Today, Sunday, is the first cool day since we arrived. There were over 3,000 motor homes and 6,000-7,000 people here. Lots of vendors, new RVs to check out, and some interesting seminars.  Hey, Bill -- the Rally took place at the Phoenix International Roadway!

This may not be much of a picture, but it gives you some idea 
of how far we had to walk to get to the various places.

We heard that Monaco (one of the RV manufacturers) took one of its
motor homes on the track for a race around it -- going 85 miles per hour.

We are parked over 2 miles from the center of events. We had planned on biking to and from the place, but when Jerry took out the bikes, he discovered that my bike had a flat tire that would take too long to fix. He used his bike while I attempted to take the tram. But the people waiting for the tram said that they had been waiting for 45 minutes with four or five trams having gone by that were already full of people. At that point, I decided to walk. That's how come I know we were located 2.42 miles from the place as I used my cell phone to track my distance. 

One of the trams taking people back after the evening entertainment.

The entertainment was great - Bill Cosby on Friday night and Martina McBride on Saturday night. Both put on good shows. At one point, Martina McBride said how she liked the country classics and would sing one for us. When she sang "Help Me Make It Through the Night" (a Chris Christoferson song), we looked at each other --- that is an old classic??? We remember when it was popular in the early 70s. I guess that was 40 years ago!

Bill Cosby fit right in with this crowd of old people.

Loved the Arizona sky!

This morning we met up with friends we met at John and Marijean's place for New Years Eve a couple of times. Patti and Greg live in Phoenix and we all met the Black Bear Restaurant for breakfast. It was good catching up with them again.

Greg and Patti

Tomorrow we head on down to Tucson to see another set of old friends, Joe and Carole.

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