December 29, 2011

Temecula, California

Spent a week in Long Beach, California, but didn't spent too much time in the coach. Lots of activities kept us busy. 

Long Beach, California (Weather that day was
a bit windy, but still beautiful.)

We arrived on Wednesday, Dec. 21.  On Thursday we met with one of Jerry's former employees from one of his businesses in the 90s, Pete, and his wife, Jamie, and their cute, fun-loving 18-month old, Jimmy. 

Jerry with Jamie, Jimmy and Pete

On Friday, I spent the day with family while Jerry ran a few errands. He met us at Shan's house where we all went to see granddaughter, Samantha, sing at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. It was quite exciting to see her perform in front of an audience.

Samantha, age 12, singing at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California

The only day we had without any activity was the day of Christmas Eve. Jerry and I spent a very nice evening watching the Morman Tabernacle Choir Christmas Performance on television. 
What a production! 

The family Christmas celebration was on Sunday. Sorry, folks, but this is the one or two times of the year that we post pictures of humans instead of locations and sites that we are visiting. 

How many cooks does it take to de-vein shrimp?
(Raul, Susan, Shannon, and Jerry)

Jerry's deviled eggs with Shannon's hand

Grandchildren (James, Christian, and Natalie in front; 
Brenna, Samantha and Sara in back) 

Granddaughter, Erin and Natalie (Erin left for Florida 
to spend the rest of her holiday with her mother's family)

The following day, we met with John and Christian for lunch at the Sage Restaurant in Newport Beach. They were also married in December --  4 days and three years after us!

Jerry, me, Christine and John at Sage Restaurant where the food was delicious!

On Tuesday, we had three different events scheduled. First, I attended the Hughes Human Resources get-together. This group meets every December and consists of former Hughes Electronics employees (most are retired) and current DirecTv employees (the only direct surviving entity of the former Hughes Aircraft Company).

Would you believe that her real name is Eddie Murphy?

Dolly, who lives in Northern California, is responsible 
for pulling off this event each year.

Warren and Lidia (my former co-workers) -- both 
still working in the Law Department at DirecTv 

This group picture was taken after a number of the attendees left.

Next event, same day, was to visit with Jerry's former photography 
teacher on the strand in Manhattan Beach, California.

John (former photography teacher) and Jerry

Last event for that day was a dinner party at Brad's house. Brad is someone with whom Jerry has stayed in touch with through the years. At one time, Brad worked with Jerry. Heidi is his girl friend who is a flight attendant from Germany. And Don is someone we just met, but has known Brad since they were 15 years old. A fun evening with good food!

Heidi, Brad, Jerry, Mary and Don

We arrived yesterday at the Pechanga RV Resort. Last night John and Marijean (who live here in Temecula) came over for dinner on the coach. Our next big event is a dinner party for 12 at John and Marijean's house on New Year's Eve. Jerry and John will be doing the cooking and 
plan to shop for the food tomorrow. 

We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year's Eve!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Shea, I just spent 2 hours reading your wonderful blog! I'm totally embarrassed though, because I hadn't realized when I was telling you about Temecula and Pechanga that you had been here several times! This is a great blog and you've really inspired me to plan this same lifestyle with my husband when we retire (even though he says he will never retire :)
I've been thinking about you both and your pup as I know you are just a couple blocks away. I will be forever grateful that you took the time to let me know you spotted our cat in Pismo. Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends here and many, many more safe journeys. Blessings to you and your whole family.
Donna Block, Temecula CA