August 14, 2011

Seaside, Oregon

We've been here for the past week at the Seaside Leisure Time Resort here in Seaside, Oregon.  We are here as a Resorts of Distinction member.  But, after we leave here, we won't be able to come back as a Resorts of Distinction member because Thousand Trails and Resorts of Distinction have separated.  See, this is also a Thousand Trails park and will no longer be available to members of Resorts of Distinction.  Too bad, as this is a nice place.

Sign on entrance

Parked at Seaside

The weather has been in the high 60s, no rain, sometimes overcast in the morning.  We have yet to turn on our air conditioner.  

Been biking a lot.  Biked to the beach one day.  

Bike path ran parallel with the beach for 1.6 miles.

Lots of young people on the beach.
Chanti enjoyed the ride, too.

Lewis and Clark statute

Historic site where Lewis and Clark spent from January 2 to February 21, 1806, and made salt.

The plaque at this salt making site says that "The explorers found stone to build an oven, wood to burn, fresh water to drink, elk to hunt, and seawater to boil for having ... a good concentration of salt."

Picture on the plaque showing settler making salt in early 1800s.

This place has a large swimming pool, jacuzzi, and game rooms.  I've even taken in water aerobic again.  There was a fund raiser celebration here this weekend.  So, we attended two dessert auctions (got peanut butter fudge with nuts) and had a pulled pork dinner last night with the group.  The young man in front of us bought our tickets ($15) for us before we knew what he did.  It reminded us that we all need to do our share of "random acts of kindness" to make this a better world.

Jerry found a dentist here to help him with his cracked tooth.  He is now on antibiotics and he said his tooth feels better.  We both made appointments with our dentist back in San Luis Obispo, California, for September when we should be back in Pismo Beach, California for 5 days.  My super glue is still holding my front tooth in place for the last 2 1/2 months.  

Will be here another week.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you have already passed on your random act of kindness 100x over! Little did you know you would reunite a family with their beloved lost pet. She was lucky to be able to "camp" under such a nice RV! I am enjoying reading your blog and telling my husband to "come in here and see this" every time I see a new picture. You two are doing what we hope to do in 15 years and our kids are all grown. Donna Block/Temecula CA