August 7, 2011

Neskowin, Oregon Week 2

We are still here at the Neskowin Creek RV Resort.  

This is the entrance into the park.

Colorful fish in the parking lot in Neskowin

Took some time on Monday to walk six miles on the beach that is right next to the park.  

There are life saver rings located all along this stretch of the beach.

Jerry carrying the backpack full of food, drinks, and his camera.

Found a nice shaded wooden structure to sit under while we ate our lunch.

I love this shot.  Below is a picture of what this area looks like when the tide goes out.

Jerry ran on this beach a couple of times.  One day he came back and said that the beach looks totally different when the tide is out.  So, we went back on Friday to walk the beach again.  And, yes, the  scenery had changed.  

Shot taken at almost the same spot as the one above.

It also appears that there was at one time a forest here before the sea rose.  

Wooden stumps that show up when the tide goes out.

Moss on the rock

Interesting, huh?

Oregon sure has some interesting coastlines

On Saturday, we ran into Lincoln City again.  We couldn't believe all the cars on the road.  That city is crowded on the weekends.  But, with all due respects, it looked as if they were having some kind of kite festival.  Glad I brought my camera.

The day was overcast.  These are large kites.  See the small people on the ground.

More kites

And more kites

We are leaving here tomorrow and driving about an hour and a half up the coast to Seaside near the top of the Oregon coast.

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