August 21, 2011

Seaside, Oregon Week 2

No rain all week here, except for a few drops one night.  Spent some of the days seeing the sites.

Went to Cannon Beach, about 10 miles south, on Wednesday on the recommendation of our friend, Greg.  Glad we did.  This place was busy, busy, busy!  A tourist town, like Cambria, but cars all over the place.  We could live here, but, again, it is too windy.  We walked the beach and took the following pictures.

 People here at the beach need wind screens.  See all of the 
orange wind breakers behind the beach chairs.

Thought these metal statutes in a resort north of town are cute.

Young child running to her parents.  See the impressive rocks on this part of the Oregon Coast.

Close up of Haystock Rock on Cannon Beach beach.

We named this picture "Solitude."

Motorcycles in front of restaurant.  Did not see any franchises in this town.  
Cannon Beach is definitely a tourist place.

Then, yesterday, we went to the local Crown Victoria Car Show. 

Sign announcing the car show.

One of the cars painted T-Bird Blue.

Jerry took a VIDEO of the show.

Then, today we drove 20 miles north to Astoria, Oregon, for its Sunday Farmer's Market.  Astoria is right at the mouth of the Columbia River that runs all the way to Portland and beyond.  The State of Washington on the other side of the river.  

The town started this Farmer's Market in 2000 and it has expanded beyond the town's expectations.  There are lots of different kinds of food, live music, including jazz players, and activity.  We enjoyed our time in Astoria this afternoon.

A view of the Astoria Farmer's Market and the mouth of the Columbia River in the background.

A close up of the Farmer's Market.

Inside the Market.

A pretty young entrepreneur with a great name.

Oil tanker on the river.

Astoria, Oregon coastline.

Bridge over to the State of Washington.

Walkway and bridge.

We leave here tomorrow and have a five-hour drive back to the Osprey Point RV Resort, a place we were already at earlier this summer in Oregon.  We are heading south and gradually making our way back to California.

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