June 19, 2011

Winchester Bay, Oregon

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the fathers and father substitutes!

It took us over two hours to travel 60 miles from Newport to Winchester Bay, Oregon -- with a little road construction along the way, winding road through beautiful countryside and ocean views, and just not being in any hurry.

Highway 101 from Newport to Winchester, OR

Lovely coastline in Oregon.

Taking into account stops along the way.

We settled in quickly to one of our favorite RV parks -- Winchester Bay RV Resort. Got a spot right on the bay.  (The ocean is behind us.)

Parked at Winchester Bay RV Resort

A yellow bird lands on the windshield wiper, trying to get to Jerry's basil plant in the window.

Even caught the full moon coming up over the bay.

Found a place that makes the best blueberry pies.  Even went back today to get more, but they were sold out.  Got a strawberry pie instead.  Also, delicious!

One of the reasons we came to Winchester Bay was to attend the 12th Annual Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championships in Reedsport, Oregon.  Reedsport is just 4 miles from here.  We first went on Friday to see the start of the competition.

The entrance to the competition.

Lots of completed artwork to purchase.

Competitors have from Friday to Sunday noon to finish their projects.  Lots of chainsaw noise throughout.

Finished bear project as seen on Sunday

Photo taken on Friday

Completed project.  Photo taken on Sunday.

Photo taken on Friday.

Completed project.  Photo taken on Sunday.

Here is a video of clips showing the actual carving and some of the finished art pieces.

Showing the detail in the bear.

And the eagle!

We will be here in Winchester Bay until Wednesday when we will move to Lakeside, Oregon, just south of here.

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