June 14, 2011

Newport, Oregon

Arrived here in Newport, Oregon, in the rain on Sunday.  Staying at the South Beach State Park.  We've stayed here before, but just like California, the rates have doubled since last time.  We like this park because it is big, situated within lots of trees, all paved throughout, and within walking distance to the beach.

Got all set up -- put the slides out, hooked up the water and electricity, set out all the kitchen and bedroom items, set up the computers, check to see if the DirecTv works -- and then it happened! We were resigned to put up the family of kids on the right side of us, but not the six college kids who moved into the spot to the left of us.  They came in two cars and started setting up their TENTS four feet from our coach.  They set out their beer while one guy couldn't walk 25 feet to the rest room and, instead, relieved himself against a tree.  We knew we were in trouble!

We've never asked to move to another site before -- especially after having fully set up -- but we did.  They gave us another site at the far end of the park with very few people around, the way we like it.  It is so quiet here.

Parked in our new site.

It rained on Monday.  Today (Tuesday) has been the first day that was nice and we were able to walk to the beach.  

Even the path to the beach is paved.

The ocean was calm.  The weather in the morning was still a bit overcast.

Oregon beaches are known for their driftwood.

From here you can see the high bridge that we crossed to get here.

We got back to the RV, had lunch and decided to walk the bridge.  Had to drive the car over to it as it is too far to walk from this park.  The fog had disappeared and the weather was beautiful.

Parked the car below the bridge and walked up to the road/walkway.

Jerry walking up to the bridge.

Top of the bridge.

Jerry looking over to the marina.

The marina as seen from the top of the bridge.

After that experience, we decided to stop at a fudge place and load up on all different types of homemade candies.  I know -- we shouldn't -- but what we ate thus far was fantastic!  

Tomorrow we leave here and drive just 60 miles to the next place, Winchester Bay.  Been there before, too.  

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